Gradation Magnolia

Brand: Sensimo Sling
smodel: Gradation Magnolia
composition: 70% cotton & 30%linen
Size: 4 G
ramm: 350 g/m2 colo
r: Pink & Green Water
Limited edition

The Franjinhas

Looks like we're facing a new fashion, the fringes in the wraps!

I'm not sure how I feel about them, or I better know! Aesthetically I like to see them in the wrap. It gives him a touch of fancy boho, takes off that look of cloth and turns it into something else, in a blanket, in a shawl. As if the cloth was more versatile to use on other occasions than in the load. However, in the moorings, I am not sure it works so well. You see those moorings we can only do because the cloth is tied to the dots? Forget! With a short cloth of little chicken, you won't be able to do it! That's what happened to me with this Magnolia Sensimo (as you can see in some pictures). We really have to be sure of the size we're going to buy so we don't risk not getting the restraints we want.

But this cloth has other interesting features, it is a robust, dense cloth with a high weight, ideal for loading toddlers or heavier babies, would not recommend it for newborns. Its diagonal is reduced, which also would not help in adjusting for a smaller baby, at the risk of not being as well adjusted as another thinner and malleable cloth. Its weaving, composition and weight make carrying heavy babies very comfortable, creating a small cushion on our shoulders that helps us to endure great walks without feeling the weight we carry. I would also say that you have an excellent grip, which helps you stay in place and not let small fugitives escape the moorings we do with such affection.

The fact that it is made up of cotton and linen makes you think that this will be a cloth suitable for hot days, but with the autumn embarrassed that we have had and with the warm days at the door, I did not think it was so fresh, perhaps because it is a dense cloth and with a more close weft Ada. The Little Buddha in the house also manifested itself against the warmth he felt during the mooring (I used only one layer).

What else did I like about this rag? The colors! This color gradient between the rose and the green water fascinated me. Love! Love! Love! It combines the sensuality and pure love of the rose, with the calm of the green water, giving to please the mother but without getting too pink to carry a boy.

This cloth is one of the preciosities of Sensimo Slings, a company that has been in the babywearing market for 6 years and says that its great mission is to spread love for all mothers and babies. The name itself comes from the junction between the sensitive word (sensitive) and the mother (MOM). We will continue waiting for new cloths, new colors, new compositions and undoubtedly new fringy to give continuity to this world of love, the babyweraring!

Am I completely surrendered to the little chickens? I don't know, and you guys are?

Thank you dear Tânia Sousa for letting me know this sensimo and for allowing me to carry my ritika with this cloth maravilhosso. Now you can return to the owner for other Colhos.

Fernando Fernandes