Garnet Moorland Kaleidoscope

Brand: Firspiral
model: Garnet Moorland Kaleidoscop
ecomposition: 72% Cotton, 16% hemp, 12% Viscose
size tested: 6Gra
ming: 270 g/m2 col
or: mustard and orange

Throughout my life, anyone who has followed my path knows how I like to devote myself to every opportunity that arises. You know how motivating it is for me to have a new challenge, give myself to body and soul and do the best I know, the best I can (or at least try to;)). This makes my world spin, makes me reflect, makes me know and always culminates with the willingness to overcome each challenge.

The babywearing came into my life as an exciting challenge to which I devoted myself. I devoted myself to learning about plots, blends, gramme, brands, 1001 words that were far from belonging to my vocabulary. To appreciate every little rag in its fullness, I learned to take their taste and want more. But above all, I devoted myself to holding, a lot of hands free.

I received the Garnet Moorland Kaleidoscope from firspiral and this cloth has become a challenge. I honestly didn't get enchanted in the first glance. I thought it was a rag that didn't have much connection with us, the colors were not my favorites, the touch was rough, anyway… I didn't like it and I ended up leaving it aside, without wanting to try it out.

The days went by and I felt like I needed to do something, something that would bring me closer to the cloth and make me want to use it. I went to research the brand and discovered two nice ladies with creative origins, from the north of England, to Tamsin and Jen, who joined in this project by the passion they had in creating cloths with a very particular inspiration, nature.

By the place where they reside, nature is part of the day-to-day of both and the feeling of belonging to an "ancient landscape" makes them reconetate to the world, respecting their rhythm in an odd and magical way.

I was delighted by the way that the firspirers attributed the meaning to the cloths they create and found that in the area where we resided there would be no better place to go to experience this cloth than a garden that offers an experience of tranquility, peace and Unique enchantment…

Who knows Buddha Eden? This is Europe's largest eastern garden and the Garnet Moorland Kaleidoscope is a cloth that was made to visit the Buddha Eden. Those mustard tones conjugated with the weave that shines in shades of red, pink and orange (yes yes, those colors that nothing told me) makes a perfect pair with the tones of Buddhas, pagodas, terracotta statues and the most varied sculptures that are found Meticulously placed between the vegetation. I could not have found a better inspiration, yet combining a great lesson in spirituality and cultural diversity.

I have traveled the 35 hectares of this garden with my princess in this cloth and I can confive you that I loved your comfort. It has an average weight of approximately 270g/m2 and has a blend of 72% cotton, 16% hemp and 12% viscose.

Hemp is a plant-based fibre and is naturally one of the oldest and most environmentally friendly fabrics as it grows without herbicides, fungicides or pesticides. It is one of the strongest and most durable natural textile fibers.

I tried the new cloth so I felt the touch of hemp. In the first touch is a hard, dry and harsh cloth but I believe that with some work, that hemp requires, be it a cloth that easily becomes soft and moldable, without clear losing the excellent support that hemp confers on you.

The viscose lends to the cloth enough elasticity to be an easy to entrapar cloth and the uniform texture of the cloth makes it have a very good grip, without the need for large readjustments.

The combination of hemp and cotton brings us one of the best combinations in terms of durability and is extremely easy to care for.

During this day of retreat with nature, the warmth felt in a rare way in this area of the West and I was surprised by the thermal insulation properties of this cloth. After the long walk, the cloth proved to have a breathable and fresh fabric, at least in sizes of a layer.

It's a cloth that needs some work but after it's broken and softer it looks like a cloth that easily adapts to newborns, as well as an older child.

This cloth features long coloured and delicate yarns that enrich the visual texture, however, conjugated with the open weft is a very prone to pulls-soft cloth, which requires some care in its use.

And so a great challenge has become a pleasant surprise!

It is important to face the least desired, it is important to face the fear of the new, it is important to leave our comfort zone. It makes us look different, open new perspectives, conquer more experiences and grow.

I want to thank the creator of Firspiral for the opportunity they gave me not only to experience this cloth but especially for the enrichment I could withdraw from this experience.

Sanjay Saxena