Flora Rose Powder

Brand: Kaami Sling
smodel: Flora Rose Powder
composition: 100% Organic cotton
Weight: 210 g/m² c
olor: raw, Pink and Peach Pric
e: between €105 and €135

This was the first cloth I experienced from the Kaami Slings brand. I confess that this was a mark for me unknown until recently, so I was quite curious. 

Being sincere, I usually find the pink cloths a little bit pyrosy and if this color we put flowers together, UI! So this cloth, at least aesthetically, had all the characteristics so that it would not die of love for him, but unlike all expectations, when I received it I was delighted. I found an elegant cloth with soft tones and a delicate pattern! 

When I took it out of the bag I was amazed by the glitter of cotton and its softness to the touch. The cloth has three colors, raw, pink and peach, and as the name implies, the Flora pattern is marked by its organic shapes. Some flowers stylised with their petals distributed harmoniously through the fabric. 

In the trip of this cloth by Portugal I was the first to receive it, so I tested it still new, freshly washed and pass for the first time. This allowed me to see that it does not need great use to break, being soon very malleable. I didn't use it as much as I'd like, because my little monkey started walking and now I don't want to, but from what I was able to test I really enjoyed the behavior of this Kaami.  

It is a cloth 100% cotton, thin and easy to entrapar. Features that make it an excellent choice for small babies and beginners in babywearing. Around here I carried a 9kg baby, and even with a Rucksack, in a 30-minute walk, it didn't cause any discomfort.  

Light and fresh, this Kaami blends perfectly with summer days. The least positive point I found was to be conducive to pulls, in the area of the petals, where the plot is more open. I personally have a preference for sturdy and versatile cloths. Those we use without fear under any circumstance.  

Despite being an undisclosed brand in Portugal, it is in my opinion another good option in the market. They have beautiful patterns, good quality and good quality/price ratio. Squeeze the site! 

Paresh Pandey