Brand: Kaami Slin
gsmodel: Flor
a composition: 100% cott
on size tested: 1, 9m ring Sling (70cm width) Weigh
t: 180 g/m2 color:
purple and grey

It's been a long months since I've devoted my heart to the world of babywearing. Throughout this time I learned and believed that more than carrying, Babywearing was a world of love, affection and a lot of sharing. I discovered a special world of help for the next and so engaging that makes us fall in love.

This world has faces, has names, has people who become our daily references and, more than ever, it is important to be aware that it is a world that grows prospects and how good it is! We are all together, we make this world more and better. We will all certainly have a lot to learn but we will also have a lot to teach (it is a sharing world, remember?).

Being me of the human and social area could not fail to see all this sharing also as an excellent form of inclusion… Inclusion of so many mothers who are alone in the first months of life and that so much companionship and approach bring them these groups, the meetings, the traveling baby carriers…

The traveling baby carriers have become a constant in my life and it is always with joy that I receive every week a new rag to try… This week was no different but with the inherent problems of travel I gathered four travelers. Four travelers who brought me an immense joy and each had a special place in my heart. It is so positive this sharing both the brands and the private ones that enable us to try new baby carriers, with different colors, compositions, plots, sizes, prices, etc. It allows us to explore in the smallest detail the diversity that exists in this vast world.

I was finishing my last review that you can see here;) When I got this RS from Kaami Slings, Flora!

Have you ever felt that crazy urge to enter the Babys with the softest, silky fabric?!

Well, that's what I felt after the first touch of this Flora!

More! I swore to feet together that this RS had silk, a lot of silk… How could that silky, soft, soft touch not have the slightest percentage of silk?!

And the truth is, I was wrong… The Flora is 100% cotton and has about 180g/m2.

Cotton is the most widely used and versatile fibers in the composition of our rags. It is soft, unlikely to irritate the skin and easy care as you want! Due to its features, this RS is light, airy and cool and therefore excellent for summer.

Its low weight did not frighten us and this RS showed us how to door so well and is so comfortable! It is of a fantastic fit, the fabric slides on the rings and adjusts itself perfectly. The floral pattern, which I personally adore in rags, in weaving Jaquardajuda to which the RS keep the stability without slipping, so no big adjustments are needed (with our 10kg of baby at least!).

Its high malleability and ease of adjustment makes this RS perfect for newborns and for less experienced people (and the more experienced ones also thank an RS so easy and comfortable;))

To conclude I can tell you that I was impressed with this RS! In the range of the RS was the most liked to try. It is excellent to always have in the car for any ride that arises!

As the sun has been playing hide and seek with us we have not had great rides to spread the beauty and charm of Flora, so we used it more as our ally in housework.

Sure is that with a week so stuffed with rags something had to escape and therefore pictures that is good are few and shaky!

Once again I want to thank Krystyna for all the availability and sympathy for welcoming me on this trip.

Sanjay Saxena