Brand: Vatan
aimodel: Eilie
ancomposition: 60% cotton 40% silk Bourett
e size: 6
Gramm:234 g/m2 col
or: Light blue and Dark
produced: Czech Republic

I came from a getaway because we're on vacation, introducing you to our first fabric cloth. The cloth chosen to carry our baby when he was still a little bean.

I present to you the masses.

Hello everyone!

My name is pasta. I was so kindly nicknamed by the firstborn of the Saints family.

For counseling, I was chosen to witness the growth, still in the womb, of Baby A. and accompany it in its growth until it stops being carried or at least so hopefully.

But before I tell that story, I'm going to tell you a little bit about me and my house.

My name is Eiliean and I'm part of the Labyrininth collection and I have a lot of cute brothers and sisters dying. I am manufactured in the Czech Republic and made of cotton and silk.

Um silk, this sweet and fragrant stuff that makes hearts melt.

Yes I melt hearts, not all my brothers and sisters or even other rags that can afford to smell like me, silk.

But I don't just stand for my scent, but also by my touch. The 40% silk Bourette that constitute me, do not give me only a magnificent odor, but also gives me an apple tree and irresistible softness to the touch.

Smelling and smooth!? What else could they ask of me?

For I tell you more, I am a thin cloth with only 234g/m2 and so perfect for newborns but do not be fooled, I am perfect also for toodlers in sizes of various layers.

Perhaps, my biggest defect (not very sharp and easily contoured) is a failure in the grip. Sometimes, in sizes of only one layer and/or with heavier tails, let me drop a bit, but nothing that an extra twist or an extra layer does not solve.

Defects there is part, I also have advantages, besides the delicious smell, the soft touch and the fantastic support I am one of those cloths that does not need to break. I'm better with time of course, but my materials and weaving give me characteristics that allow me to be always in my prime and prepared from the beginning to perfection.

My pattern is of great elegance and simplicity. Several labyrinths run through me and create a divine harmony on both sides. Two distinct blues, one light and the other dark unfold on distinct faces intertwining on a black screen. The silk still gives me some beautiful butterflies that attribute some texture to me.

It is with affection and pride that I tell you that our mission is not only to carry the babies until they want no more. Our mission begins, sometimes even before that, when babies are still in the warm of their mothers, and day after day we help them alleviate the discomfort of pregnancy.

I've been taking a walk many times since Baby A came to the world, but this time they took me to the Serra do Açor to a beautiful village called the old grass and it was there that once again the little C. (The firstborn who nicknamed me) photographed me.

These are beautiful pictures that took us, but more beautiful is the image of mothers in the eyes of their children. This is a simply wonderful image. "

Thank you dear Eiliean for introducing yourself to us.

This is the first, our first and the one that we have decided that we will never leave.

He accompanied us on this wonderful journey that has been the growth of our baby and has never disappointed us.

Mohamed Salah