Dilight For Kids

Brand: For Ki
dsmodel: Dilig
htsize: Standard, since the baby can sit up to about 16
Kgcolor: blue oil

Hello Hello, this week I come to tell you about my first love (in the light babywearing). 

I started to carry Leo as soon as he was born, but did not carry ergonomically, wore a marsúpio, I have no problem in assuming, no shame at all but disinformation. But I'm telling you, the moment I left that store and then I put my baby in there pretty tight, I felt like the happiest woman in the world.

When we're in the puerperium phase, it's not always easy, especially when your life is in chaos at that moment, but since I'm a positive person, even with all the hormones screaming, I always take a deep breath so I don't go down and always keep me afloat. Babywearing was all I needed, I had a need to have my baby pretty tight with me. But I am here armed in thin speaking of babywearing as if at that time knew even that word existed (that Naba).

After a while a very special friend begins to present this world and I confess that when I saw those people with 1 million cloths and other things that had no idea what it was I didn't realize and thought until it was all a little crazy, for what so much if it's just a baby It is, alas that naïve I was (Ahahahaha). This
marsupium that was a salvation to me soon began to become uncomfortable and as I did not imagine to turn around and more laps with a cloth and squeeze from here, adjusts from there (woe Jesus that complication! And once again innocent who knows nothing) I always thought "I am not a girl of these things, I will buy a backpack", so it was, I bought the backpack of "For Kids".

When I put it the first time I felt in the clouds, my little sinker almost didn't feel it, the weight was distributed and was so comfortable (me and him). We went to take a walk and he fell asleep, could you ask for more?! No, of course not. 

The backpack is simple, does not reduce any panel, is not evolutionary. The panel is 32cm wide and 36cm high. The fabric is super malleable and fresh. It has a rigid belt, but not too much, the straps are padded but not that thick sponge. It is a perfect backpack to wear with the baby in front with the crossed straps on the back. When using on the back is sold separately a buckle to join the parallel handles, in my case I think the original straps are too long so it can not adjust so as to leave the baby high and this provides discomfort. Is that a basic backpack?! Yes it is certainly but it is an ergonomic backpack, it is super comfortable and fits in the budget of anyone.

There is a lot of this idea that babywearing is expensive, but it all depends on the budget and choice of each, there are good quality products at good prices, accessible to any pocket.
This backpack is my first love, because it showed me this world and today I am one of those "crazy" who wants to have this world and the other. Oh and yes I converted to the cloths aff the guys are awesome as soon as you get the hang of it.

Kisses and hugs from me and my little piratinha, see you in the next chapter.

Ana Ramos