Brand: Didym
osmodel: Zep
hyrgraming: 260 g
/m² Composition: 100% Organic
cotton: raw, yellow, red, blue Turq
uesage recommended: From the wash
birth: Max. 60 ° C, low centrifugation and smooth Cycle
Edition: Limited edition (January 2018) P
rice: between €89 and €169

Didymos is a company with a long tradition and a great relief role in the Babywearing world since 1972. The brand is, globally, always associated with high quality and beauty. It is a family business, created by Erika Hoffmann, who sought a practical and uncomplicated way to keep her newborn twins and the two older children, along with her, while performing her daily tasks.

As soon as I started this adventure in the world of babywearing (with the same purpose as Erika Hoffmann!) I read so many positive reviews and recommendations regarding the Didymos cloths that I quickly decided that I would have to invest in a rag of the brand. Difficult was to be the choice, taking into account the vast collection of cloths, full of wonderful colors and tex
tures. When I least expected, when I opened the Facebook page, I came across a presentation post of the Zephyr and made light, I thought immediately "this is it!" and so it was, this beautiful rag was my birthday gift (from me to me Ahahahah).

I was completely rendered to the colors, remembering a rainbow of soft tones, and its geometric pattern inspired by the Cataventos. This cloth is called Zephyr in reference to Zéfiro, the Greek god Ζέφυρος (Zephyros), which is the mythological embodiment of the wind of the West. The cloth has only the colors raw, yellow, red and turquoise blue, but due to the junction of colors in its weaving seems a true Rainbow and has two completely different sides. On one side soft colors reminiscent of the spring, of the other more intense colors reminiscent of the autumn. This cloth is even so, versatile, offers comfort in any season of the year.

The fabric is cotton 100% organic and the first touch I confess that I was a little disappointed, because I expected a softer and softer cloth, but conquered me with every use and at this time could not be more satisfied. Still not a soft cloth to the touch, due to the accentuated texture of its pattern, but it is soft, very malleable and easy to adjust. The Zephyr has a good diagonal, always offering a nice hug, and good grip, without hindering the sizes of 2 layers. With 260 g/m², this is a slightly thicker cloth than most Didymos I have had the opportunity to experience, but it is a light and comfortable cloth even in the hot seasons. It offers good support and does not feel it on the shoulders, even when worn for long periods. Right now it's the "boy of my eyes."

To show you the Zephyr I chose a late afternoon tour in "My" Palmela Castle, a zone with several windmills, where you can see a magnificent sunset and a very beautiful landscape. On one side Setúbal and our Costa Azul, the other Lisbon. I recommend the visit… and the cloth too!

Paresh Pandey