Diodes DidyTai Lisca White Rainbow

Brand: Didymo
smodel: Lisca White Rainb
owGramagem: 250 g
/m² composition: 100% Organic c
otton: Rainbow, White

Once upon a time, a beautiful, creative, contemplative woman looked at a beautiful rainbow at the end of the horizon. When he contemcharged him he thought, "How wonderful it would be if you could bring me a rainbow!" He looked at his son sleeping serenely in his lap and asked him, "Would you like to be snugled in a rainbow of light? You could sleep and grow enlightened. " The baby smiled upon him as if he understood the universal language of the love his mother spoke to him.

The beautiful woman continued to contemplate the sky and saw two white clouds, big and fluffy, looked like two cotton flowers. When observing the clouds he thought of its texture, its lightness and its consistency. He looked back at his son and in a set of ideas he thought of how good it would be to add the lightness of the clouds and the colors of the rainbow to make a unique charger. If you could, you could bring your baby to your heart, quiet, safe and with the feeling of being eternally loved.

Thought, idealized… She was going to make it! Night after night began to cross each line with love, to test each color with patience and to weave a long cloth with much wisdom and kindness. At the end of several nights of dedication, he saw a cloth rich in color and wonderful in texture, so full of love and affection that he seemed to want to tie himself and cuddle with the baby and his body of mother, woman and caregiver.

Not satisfied, the woman took it and made a Mei Tai (a pre-formed panel with four strips of baked tissue at each end). He put it on and set it up with his grown-up baby. Wow! What a delight of comfort, that the firmness of the mooring that in nothing cedes to weight or movement, that sustainability and support the loader provided without compromising the freshness of a hot day! The young mother was delighted with the porter and thought of the time she had lost in not carrying her baby. This seemed to him a practical and comfortable alternative that allowed him to go pick up fruit, add leaves or smell flowers without having to fear the risks of the world, the snakes, the wolves, the spiders.

In the end, the beautiful woman contemed the tranquility of her baby wrapped in rainbow clouds, her serenity, with the certainty that there was no other place in the world where she wanted to be or where her baby wanted to be.

Fernando Fernandes