Dandy Teal Wool

Brand: Yaro Sling
smodel: Dandy
composition: 60% cotton & 40% wo
ol size: 6
Gramm: 275 g/m2 col
or: Light blue & Turquoise & Teal

Summer at the Outuno?

The Outuno has arrived… Sitting here writing this review, I look out the window and I see, timidly, a few rays of sunshine, some gray clouds that paint the sky and deep down, the wind that makes the trees dance.

Today I come to you to speak of YARO Dandy Teal Wool, a wonderful cloth that much struggle gave me. This rag came to us, even before we went on vacation. I was curious, because during this journey in the world of Babywearing, I had only experimented with a single cloth with wool in its composition and had not been a fan.

When I first touched him, I was surprised by his softness, a soft cloth to the touch, and I thought, "Here's a rag I'm going to use a lot on vacation." But the days went by and hadn't used it yet. Not for lack of opportunities, but because it simply had not enough chemical sense with him (strange with a rag that surprised me at first touch did not want to walk with him every day… Is it because of the color? Is it because of the other cloth?).

This Yaro is made of 60% cotton and 40% wool, has 275 g/m2, with a blue tones, is a soft cloth, with a fairly good support, it takes a long time to yield. It is not a thin cloth, it is a thicker cloth, but not too much and I do not think it is a cloth conducive to great pulls.

When we think of wool, we remember those warm sweaters for winter, that stinging a lot and they gave a huge itch. This cloth is the opposite of that, it is not rough, does not sting and does not itch at all (I have been making skin with skin with it, so I know what I speak). It is said that the wool has an incredible thermorregulatory capacity and in relation to that I can say yes, we walk with this cloth in the Algarve, with temperatures higher than 30 º C and did not feel more warmth than the one that was feeling by the temperature itself.  It is a perfect cloth either for summer or for winter, the good to say is a perfect cloth for any season of the year.

I hope you enjoyed more this review and I take advantage to show you a part of one of the most beautiful natural monuments in the world, Algar Seco, which is located in the fantastic area of Carvoeiro and the riverside area of the city of Portimão.
See you next time.

Rakesh LAL