Brand: Can
aModelo: Chrocu
scomposition: Cotton, silk Bourette
size: 3Gra
magem: 255 g/m2Cor
: Beige and green

Today my mother received a new cloth. I was all happy to be able to try a cane handwoven. I'm not quite sure what that means… But it also doesn't matter, I just know that you gave me a lecture that I can't poop out of the diaper, nor bite the cloth and much less drool on it. What the hell's going to get this rag so you can't do anything? What a drought! What am I going to do while I'm grabbing my mom? Well, maybe you could use it to sleep or hopefully if you take me out on the street I can feel the wind in my face.

I saw my mother open the box, it looks like a short cloth. Will I be able to fit in there? I hope you don't put me on a diet! In addition to short it seems to have the colors of autumn, I will stir it… It's not very cuddly… Has a rough texture, but not unpleasant. I'm curious to see what my mother can do. She doesn't expect you to cooperate too much. Unless… Well unless you're bribed. Here she comes… I'll tell you how it went!

It seems that this cloth gives for more than I thought, we have tried a poppins and a reinforced torso carry… I don't care, I can try harder, as long as I don't get this little boob I got out front. I'm fine. As my mama in the good can come all the rags, all positions, all attempts! All! I don't care about anything.  Contrary to what it seemed, I can be sitting here perfectly, I can't even undo this accent as so often I like to do to tease my mother Eheheheh. This rag does not move, since my mother gave the knot, that we walk here in the house to find toys (that me and my mana we leave scattered) and it is as if it had just been placed.

Wait… Wait, I think there's going to be a change of plans. I don't understand… A rucksack awaits me! I have to tell you, I like this rag! Don't move anything when I'm sitting, I feel my little tail and legs well supported. It's fine without leaving me afraid of being able to fall. Fresh, as if I could go to the beach with my mother and still would not suffer with the warmth of the sun. Mom, we can try! Looks like I'm not going to get lucky, ohhhh.

I think I'm going to start complaining, I want to go over there to the toy pile and get that car. MOTHEREEEEE Let me out!!!! No more cloth!!! I want to see if I'm still in my leg training and if I walk, I want that car! It's not worth giving a damn… I WANT OUT!

All right, guys, don't wait too much for today, that's all!

Fernando Fernandes