Brand: Moko
shstandard: B
allons Material: 100% Egyptian cotton long yarn (Oeko TEX cer
tification) size tested: 6 (4, 75m long and 70cm wide)
Weight: 290 g/m2
color: ivory with orange and turquoise not
es made in Russia

Who knows me knows I'm a very mother hen and I like to hang out with my chicks under the wing. It's been a long time since I've wanted to go on vacation with the girls in Cabo Verde, this was the year!

I will share with you some of the care I have, in choosing the destination and even the hotel:

-The flight schedules, for me, are important. If we were undecided about which of the islands to visit (Sal or Boavista) The return and departure times were decisive in this choice and we opted for Ilha da Boavista;

-The hotel: for this paradisiacal destination we have opted for an all-inclusive Resort with drink and food available almost 24 hours a day. Within the many options available there was always something "baby/Kids friendly". We have once again chosen the RIU Karamboa. We'd been there seven years ago, but now, with kids, it was like we were in another hotel.

-Factors that led us to return to Cape Verde, this time with the little ones: the duration of the trip (about 4 hours), very quiet place whose main question was "are we going to the beach or the pool?" (The pool has almost always won) and does not require very complicated care in terms of vaccination or other type of prophylaxis. After consulting with our attending physician, we made the hepatitis A vaccine to the girls and had the usual care with the water (consume only bottled water).

As Babywearing is part of our family, it arrived even on the eve of our departure the Balloons of Mokosh and therefore the decision was facilitated. It was the only one that was in the hand luggage.

No doubt a very special cloth that gave me the mark.

You want to get a better understanding of this rag that embraced us in Cape Verde?

Mokosh is a Russia-based company that produces baby carriers. The name Mokosh arises because in ancient Russia, Mokosh is the goddess of fertility, of the family, of weaving, protective of pregnant women. They use the middle mark as an ancient symbol of fertility and the soiled field.

This cloth has very soft colors and a fun pattern of balloons. I no longer have baby daughters and so it was used, in games, with the oldest of 5 years and used a lot to give lap to the youngest of 2 and a half years. It is a soft cloth, with a rough texture but that does not need, in any way, to be broken. It's ready to use. It has a fantastic diagonal that allows for a perfect fit. Very comfortable either for shorter distances as for longer walks and its composition was very well suited to the warmer climate of Cape Verde.

I also used to test with my demonstration doll and proved equally competent in the support and adjustment of a smaller and lighter "baby".

I was surrendered to this cloth and was a great ally in the holidays! I'm staying with him.

Paresh Pandey