Ava Ultra Pink Glam Brown

Brand: Yaro Slin
gsmodel: Ava Ultra Pink Brown
T6Material: 99% Cotton & 1% Gli
tter gramm:270g
/m2Produzido in: Amste
rdam: Pink & Brown

Hello everyone!!

This is the last review I write for "travellers cloths" and so it had to be one of those very special
. A few nights ago I dreamt of a rag, but of course it couldn't be a rag, it had to be in those unique and special ones that you never crossed me with. Even today I have no idea what cloth it was, now there is distance I do not even remember its standard color or texture, only a single feature that my memory recorded, the glit

ter. Having nothing to do with my dream days later I receive this wonderful Ava who is ready to give a lap for Lusas lands, but first stopped by the house to tell you a little bit about him or she I pr

esent to AVA!!! " Hell

o, little friends, my name is Ava. It was designed and created by the company Yaro Slings in Amsterdam, Holland. I'm sure my pattern is not for you unknown. I am part of the Ava family against fabrics with soft cotton yarn, pink and brown, brightled with bright yarn. Perhaps you'll
create a love/hate relationship with me, on the one hand my beautiful floral pattern with cornucopies covered in bright reflections on the other, my powerful and robust appearance.

My plot gives me some features that make me fit to carry an elephant. I'm joking, an elephant even though a baby might be too much for a Contra. Joking aside, my weaving gives me a robust, slightly rough touch, but it will soften as it breaks. It makes me perfect to carry a toodler, strong and with a perfect balance to turn weight into a feather. It do
es not give me great diagonal which can hinder the adjustments (nothing that effort, dedication and a little sweat do not solve). After perfectly adjusted does not stir a straw, does not descend, does not need adjustments, does not hurt on the shoulders and does not feel weight. Almost perfect, isn't it? Almost! It cannot be said that it is a defect, tastes and tastes are not discussed, but unlike some of my relatives, I am quite thick and when in Foo finalizations lathe The finishes too bulky which is not properly bad, are likes of loader.

Turning to glitter, in terms of characteristics to the cloth little or nothing (nothing else) adds me because it does not change the characteristics conferred by 99% cotton, but at the level of beauty makes all the difference. It is dazzling to contemplate my pattern with the thousands of sparkles that I will appear in, but not everything is perfect and because it is not natural yarn tends to produce an effect on the skin similar to that of the wool (that feeling of poking/scratching or even itching ). So and perhaps as a hint for those who do not resist me, I recommend that they use me like this in the cold winter, that time of year when we have the whole body covered and so we combine the comfort of the cloth to its beauty without the discomfort caused by the additional glow.

It is not at all easy to capture the brilliant effect on photos but I believe that this family has done it exhaustively
. I leave you some of the moments we spent together. "

Thank you, dear Ava, for telling us a little bit about y
ou. That you will soon give a lot of colins for this Portugal out and with a little luck you return to me.

Mohamed Salah