Red Rose Atomium

Brand: Yar
omodel: Atomium Red Ros
e Material: 60% Cotton & 40% Can
osize: 7 G
ramm: 225 gr/m2 co
lor: Pink

Hey, did you miss me already?! Kkkk

Today I come to tell you about the YARO Atomium Rose Red, to begin I have to say that I had immense difficulty in writing this review. I don't know how you feel about colors but there are some that I don't like and it happened to this cloth. It is a very good cloth super cool, easy to fit, hardly cedes, however it is Rosa. He's ROSA. My Pink God?! Seriously?! Did I tell you I hate pink? It's that if you don't understand, I'll explain, I HATE PINK 

They may find it absurd "ah and so she says she had a blockage because she doesn't like a color", because then I had and the big ones. They can laugh, call me crazy, but it was hard to overcome the color and think of the cloth without color.

Who knows me a little knows I'm not always the most "normal" person in the world. But also what is "normal"?! Since I was a child I debated with these stereotypes of the girl wears pink and skirts and the boy trousers and blue. So I started to enjoy wearing skirts a very short time and never liked pink, I do not fit a little in this model of the Girl society. I always found this pink world in which society tries to fit the girls very, well let's say, strange not to hurt Suscetibilities.  
Can you then understand my lock to write this text?!

Speaking of the cloth itself, we were two weeks with him here at home and I confess that I wore it the first day to see how it was and I only used it again at the end of the week because I was super blocked with it.

This Yaro is made of 60% cotton and 40% hemp, has 225g m2, is a thin cloth, quite thin even, however does not leave much to be desired in relation to the support because it gives good support, it takes a long time to yield. At the touch is not a soft cloth, quite the opposite has a rough touch, which in sizes of several layers creates a certain difficulty in slipping to facilitate the adjustments and as I have a small lead of 11kg and am super fan of the DH size , it does not become very easy to do for that reason.

It is a perfect summer cloth because it has an open weave which makes it even cooler, although it has the issue that also becomes very prone to pulls. It is a good cloth to take to the beach or to whom as I live in the countryside and loves to take a nice lap on the hill.

I hope you enjoyed it and I take it to say to take care of our forests because they are so beautiful and important, we love to walk in them. Kisses from me and my little piratinha, until next time.

Ana Ramos

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