Brand: 1Mus
tache Composition: 100% C
otton Size:
6 gramme: 200 g/m2
color: emerald green

Many believe that babywearing is something recent in our country but babywearing is something very old, something that goes back to the time of our fathers, great grandparents and the like. Today there is a vast panoply of baby doors, there are elastic cloths, cloth cloths, slings of rings, backpacks, Mei Tais, Onbuhimo, while in the old days the women who carried them wore what they had at hand. They say the "bad" languages that babywearing is a new fashion, don't know them the amount of years that "carry" has.

In Portugal, at this exact moment less than half a dozen brands, and 1Bigo is one of them. I have only tested cloths of two Portuguese brands and we must confess to you that "what is National is good!!". I advise you to research a little bit about the babywearing story and the brands we have around here. You will be pleasantly surprised.

This cloth came to my hands through my dear friend Rosa Gonçalves, from the baby's Colinho. Rosa once again thanks for the opportunity you gave me to try this little Paninho, for it was pleasantly surprised.

This 1Bigo is 1 100% cotton, the brand only has cloths with this blend, with a weight of 220g/m2 and with a green tone that reminds me of the emeralds. Honestly it was a cloth, which by its color would never call me for the purchase, would be discarded soon to the Inicio, but do not despair loaders of this country, the 1Bigo has cloths of more colors (I have seen a gorgeous yellow to die).

I had already had several feedback on the cloths of the 1Bigo but unfortunately had never experienced one to be able to speak of my justice (now I Can). I had created some expectations that were completely defrauded as soon as I tested it. This 1Bigo is a very easy cloth to entrapar, with a good support (I assume that my daughter is a top model of 16months and only 9kg and little), is a thin cloth but not too much, does not seem to me a cloth conducive to large pulls , once it has a very closed plot. 

I would say that it is a more comfortable cloth for newborns and young children, because I know that for "lead Cus" and mothers with sensitive shoulders is not at all the best option.

It is a perfect cloth at any time of the year, but by its green tone I would say that it is a cloth to pull over the bloom of spring or the arrival of the Outuno.

Rakesh LAL