Soul Tor Wrap

Soul Slings sent us Tor Wrap in order to get acquainted in our country. Fourtee
n mothers were selected, where each one had the cloth for one week. The
trip began in the month of May/18 and ended in the month of August/18.


Brand: Soul Sling
smodel: Tor Wra
pcomposition: 100% Cott
on Size: 6 (475x73cm
) Weight: 260 g/m
2Cor: Black & White


Milene Pereira: This was the first Soul Slings wrap I've ever tested. Maybe because it's still almost new, when I touched it I found it a little rough and when we use for a long time slips and we have to adjust again. After some use, it should improve a lot. I really enjoyed using it in multi-layered sizes and I also loved the color contrast on both sides of the cloth. This is that versatile cloth we can use at a party or a ride in the mountains, because it is very beautiful, but also seems to be very sturdy. I was very pleased with the opportunity. Thank you!
? Inês Pimenta Gomes: We received the Soul in the week of June 4 to 10. Unfortunately, the weather didn't help to enjoy it to the fullest. I found a cloth with little weight and despite having a good cold is not a cloth that gives much support. After a while I started feeling the weight of the girl. It's a rag that's not quite broken yet, but I think that by the end of the trip this is going to happen. Being a fine cloth is fresh for the summer days that come here and it's monochrome, which I love. R
ita Carvalho: Thank you, Soul, for this opportunity! Although the weather was short, it was a super enjoyable experience! For the first time on a rag, I can only say wonders! Good support, very comfortable, and we loved the colors! Than
ks! ️ Raquel Duarte: Thanks to Soul and Funtastic Mom we had the opportunity to try this cloth. It has a good grip, it is malleable and very easy to adjust. We liked it because we had never experienced anything in these tones. Thanks for the opportunity.
Michelle Hughes: Thank you very much to Soul Slings and Funtastic Mom for the opportunity to test this rag. Thanks to summer days that were less warm than usual was perfect to go out and test the cloth with my daughter at 10 months and we were not disappointed. It was comfortable and easy to adjust. The contrast between the tones on both sides also liked it very much. We really like this opportunity. Thank y
ou! Tânia Sousa: Last week we had this rag with us. We love the color and it is very comfortable on the shoulders. We like it very much. Thank yo
u! Doriana Viana: Thanks to Soul and Funtastic Mom we could for the first time test a cloth of this brand and long ago we wanted to try a cloth of neutral tones. We loved it a lot. We thought we might not be able to identify with the black, but in this case this Soul is fantastic and we loved it. Very comfortable and soft, I think it will still give to break a little more, we just thought that sometimes we have to adjust again because it seems to get slack throughout the day. Otherwise we can only say wonders. Thank you very much for the opportunity… And as we like to travel by train that this Marvel follow trip to other Colhos. Débo
ra Santos: A small diamond in the rough. At first it seemed rough and slippery but at the end it proved soft and robust just as I like it.