Soul Slings-Wrap Tor

Brand: S
Torsize: 6 (4, 75m long and 70cm wide) We
ight: 260 g/m2C
omposição: 100% Cot
ton: Black & Whi
temade in India

Soul was born in Bangalore, India, in the bosom of a family of four (mother, father, daughter and son) advocate of domestic education, breastfeeding, reusable diapers, parenting with attachment, CO and of course, babywearing.

Soul believes that babywearing can make the world a happier place. Babywearing creates independent, healthy, safe, loving and sensitive people who will pass these virtues to the next generations.

For Soul, as for baby you know, Babywearing is a philosophy of life, it’s a way of being in front of parenthood and the creation of children. It’s more than transporting a baby/child. I
t has implications that go beyond the family and believe that they can contribute and support the growth of this world.

Knowing a little about the history of the brand I identified myself very much with its principles and it allowed me to like this cloth more ?

I entered the world of babywearing five years ago I had my eldest daughter 4 days. Thanks to Babywearing I managed to have a very quiet and active postpartum period, with family and friends but also in courses and conferences of breastfeeding and childbirth (for me: The best of both worlds!) No doubt my cloth was my brand image and from there I felt like knowing more in order to better support the families I accompany. When the youngest was born came soon to the cloth and our journey continued.

This is the first time I’ve written about a rag. After five years of carrying my daughters with me and a lot of training in this area, I entered this world of rags travel.

So far I’m loving it: I have known new brands and materials and fantastic people ?

It was the first time I tried a Soul rag. In general I like colored cloths and so I was not very enthusiastic about this monochrome black and white. The truth is, I was pleasantly surprised and I ended up liking the pattern a lot. I think it is particularly beautiful in moorings that use the front and back of the cloth in the visible area. That’s a nice contrast. It’s a very rigid cloth that needs time to be broken. However, it fulfills its function in a very satisfactory way, either in small infants (I used my demonstration doll), or in older children (I used it with my youngest daughter of 2 and a half years). Due to this stiffness it becomes a very robust cloth that can give some challenges in the adjustments and can become a little warmer in the summer. 

I wish I had the opportunity to be with him more time to break it and know all its potentialities and possibilities. 

If I can find him again after this trip, I’ll tell him how he is.

Paresh Pandey