Papatai Mamã Natureza

lo, today is my debut… I thought my first PR was supposed to be something special… Our beloved Mother Nature’s Papatai. He’s been with us since the 2 months of Vicente and is our most traveled baby door. 

Due to the strong heat that was felt in May 2017 we had to arrange an alternative to the elastic cloth. At the time, we thought the best option would be a Papatai.

We spoke to Dear Mother Nature (Lucília Ribeiro) and we managed to find a pattern that filled us with measures. A basic, which conveys tranquility and love ️ and the father also likes.

Carrying Vicente has always been a must for me, because I like to be practical and I have elevator phobia. Besides being something more than wonderful to bring our baby together with us, turning into one body with two Hearts ️.

I’ll leave you some pictures of us. I hope you enjoy
️ kisses and good colhos.

Sayeesh Seth