Luluna Slings-Foggy Pink Princessa

Brand: Luluna Slin
gsmodel: Princessa Foggy Pi
nksize: T6 (4.6 meters)
Weight: 350 Grm
composition: 100% Cott
on: Pink and grey

Good night, real subjects.

Be humbly welcome to our castle. I am Princess Foggy Pink But my name does not do justice to my beauty. I have been woven in the European Union with 100% certified cotton yarn. My mother, the Queen, wowed me with a timeless pattern that reminds me of the Middle Ages, that time where there are fairy tales and where there will always be princesses. And that’s how I made this mother feel.

For a week I gave the honor of my presence at the home of the Santos family. This week I was treated as a princess should be treated, with love and dedication. I’m still a rough diamond, so I need you to treat me with a lot of love and help me reach my maximum potential.

I am a robust and well constituted princess with 350GRM. My angelic air hides a force that makes you sweat but also hides sweetness and softness. The rough touch of my wires jumps out, but deep down I know I’ll be soft and cozy.

Everyone fell in love with me, besides beautiful I have a wonderful support, a diagonal contained but that allows a firm embrace and an unparalleled comfort, such that the weight becomes a feather. I know I have a good grip but I also know that I still need to learn to stay firm and not let me go down. As I said I am still a diamond in the rough, I still have much to learn to fulfill all my real functio
ns. What I like most are babies like little Alfonso, although I know I’m too robust for such small subjects, but after I’m well-broken, I can hug until the babies no longer want my hug.

I’m not the first rag of this brand that the family tested, which could be bad if it wasn’t for them to love my big family. During this week, I was treated like a real princess and I turned this mother into one, I know I made her feel so beautiful and happy. My medieval time pattern is timeless, so beautiful and mysterious. My colors are soft, the pale pink contrasts with the dark grey and together create a contrast of beautiful colors either on the front or on the verso.

I know I’m going to miss my touch, my support, but also the diffuse image of what I will someday be. One day when I learn more, when I work hard. One day, I’ll be Queen and I won’t kiss a frog.

Mohamed Salah

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