Luluna Slings-Pastel Spring Dragona

Brand: Luluna Sling
size: 6Gr
amagem: 320 g/m2C
omposição: 100% cotton hairstyle

Luluna Slings was created by a group of friends, with many years of experience in the babywearing industry, with the aim of creating beautiful and truly unique cloths that convey joy, love and good memories associated with the great moments of Parenting. These cloths
are manufactured in the European Union, in accordance with the standard Oeko-Tex Standard 100, and parameters such as the type of yarn, its thickness, weaving density and degree of torsion are meticulously controlled in order to ensure the quality of them.

I’ve been dating the brand’s website for some time, but this was the first Luluna I had a chance to experience. When I first caught you, it was a disappointment… A T6 (which for my taste is huge!), thick, heavy and still little malleable. How would I tame this little beast?! On the other hand, little Clara, as soon as she saw me with the cloth in her hand, immediately extended her arms as the one who asks to be entraped. It could only be a good sign! 

Through the photographs I found the pattern and the interesting colors, but only in the hand I could see how really beautiful this cloth. It has an excellent color contrast, with the blue background and a gradient pattern between the green and the blue, passing by the pink (the “wrong Side”, which is not at all wrong, has the inverse contrast). The shapes are organic and in conjunction with the choice of colors create a true tribute to spring.

This is a 100% cotton combed cloth, which gives it some shine and smoothness to the touch. At this time, perhaps because it is not yet broken, it is not a soft or fluffy cloth. In hands is a thick and heavy cloth, however, contrary to what I judged, easy to use and above all super comfortable. The Dragona Pastel Spring is dense and did not find it too hot for spring days, but does not seem to me the best option for the hot summer days. Throughout the week when we tested this Luluna never felt the need to use postage with more than one layer. It is a sturdy cloth, with medium diagonal, good adhesion and very support, allowing to maintain a perfect mooring, for a long time and without any discomfort (which for me is fundamental!). Perfect for larger infants, toddlers and more sensitive shoulders. Clara, with her initial enthusiasm, was right, after all, this cloth exceeded expectations. I thought I liked soft and fluffy cloths, I conclude with this experience that maybe it’s not quite like that…

This being such a spring rag, nothing better than to use it on the first trip of Little Clara to the beach. It is therefore fulfilled the purpose of Luluna. This cloth, even in a short stay, marked an important moment of our family. We chos
e a beach located in the Serra da Arrábida, considered one of the most beautiful bays in the world, where I think we can capture in photographs the beauty of this Dragona.

I believe it will be a fantastic cloth after some use. This week “I knew little” and I look forward to having another Luluna in my hands.

Paresh Pandey