Loktu She-Rose Bird Garden

Brand: Loktu S
heModelo: Bird Garden Rose Baby
: 6Composition: 53% combed cotton, 47% T
encelGramagem: 27
0 g/m2Cor: Pink

This brand came to us without knowing it beforehand and therefore without knowing very well what to expect from this cloth and its characteristics. While the cloth did not arrive I went into action to discover a little more about the brand and found a fantastic brand.

The Loktu She is a company founded by four women of the Czech Republic, of the most varied working areas that have joined with the purpose of maintaining the tradition of babywearing, which dates back to the time of their great-grandparents in their region. The founders of Loktu She joined in this project with the vision of spreading the knowledge about babywearing, offering beautiful, quality and affordable products, coupled with an environmental awareness with regard to the materials used, to Applied procedures and transport.

The Loktu She manufactures the Bird Garden in several colors and the composition of each varies according to color, and all materials are certified with the Oeko Tex 100 system.

We couldn’t have had another Bird Garden except the pink One (#teampinkforever). Leonor’s little eyes are already shining when they see a new rag to experiment with, pink so make the delights of this mother loader.

The Bird Garden in Pink is made of 53% combed cotton and 47% Tencel and I can tell you that this mixture was a pleasant surprise. Tencel is one of the new bets in the world of Babywearing and features unique features regarding moisture control, providing a more breathable, anti-bacterial and easy-to-maintain fabric.

It is a light cloth and its composition gives it a fantastic touch, so soft that ensures an extreme softness in its use. Although it still needs a good lap, to break a little more, it is a cloth that enters very well, provides good support and has a good grip.

Due to the characteristics of its composition is a perfect cloth for any season of the year and excellent for smaller babies. I believe that for toddlers this cloth will not be the most suitable, because it is slippery enough to enter but may compromise the support and comfort in use.

This cloth has a pattern that we particularly liked, with little birds in a continuous foliage, which form small hearts of perfect love. In addition it has a characteristic that we cannot always find that it is the fact that it is reversible and have two absolutely beautiful sides in a combination of pink and white!

Overall it was a cloth that fell in love with its surroundings, malleability and comfort.

Nothing better than taking the Garden Bird in Pink for a stroll in an enchanted garden! I hope you enjoy the garden of our city and that the photos convey our joy and satisfaction by having experienced this cloth.

Sanjay Saxena