Little Frog LINEN CUBE

Hello loaders, today I show you, as I was presented, the Cod dry!!

Which was actually pretty much torn down! That is our dear Mariana Santos, lent us this Little Frog cloth to help her break because it looked like a dried cod and when it came to my hands it was anything but… Eheheh

We went for a walk with him to the mall and a well-known shop where they sell baby carriages, and we checked all the advantages of a rag!

Actually this day we went to return our cart… We are surrendered to babywearing and we do not want to walk through the elevator mall full of waiting queues and people who do not respect the priorities. We want to feel free and feel the warmth and heart of our baby. We want to make babywearing always and everywhere!

Thank you Mariana for Lending us the dry cod… desalted!

Scott Lee