Kapualove Twister

Kapualove sent us the TWISTER, in order to get to know in our country. T
en mothers were selected, where each one will have the cloth for on
e week. The trip began last June/18th and ended in the month of August/18.


Brand: Kapualov
eModelo: Twiste
rcomposition: 79% organic cotton, 10% flax and 11% Tenc
elsize: 6 (470x72cm)
Weight: 320 g/m2 Co
lor: White & Lilásp
rice: Not released


Cátia Gomes: So we had this beautiful rag with us a week. It was very hard (we were the first to try it), but comfortable, even in a simple ruck. We didn’t have the opportunity to use it for much longer because it was too hot on the street. I think it’s a good summer rag because of the flax and the tencel. I’d like to try it again when it’s broken, because it’s gone a lot smoother. It’s much prettier than in the pictures (it looks like it’s moving) ?. Thank you so much for the opportu
nity. Natacha Conceição: This week was accompanied by the Kupualove and I love it ? is so soft and with beautiful colors, thanks for the opportunity to experience it.
Débora Santos: It was a love there first sight. Beautiful pattern of neutral tones. Robust touch with a hidden softness but a wonderful support. We were totally in love with him.
Inês Leite Rocha: One of the cloths I liked to try. It is a beautiful cloth to die, gives a great support and for me just has a defect makes a knot too bulky. Thank you to Kapualove.

Testers Evaluation