Kaami Slings-Sommerblom

Brand: Kaami Slin
gsmodel: Sommerb
lomsize: Sling Rings-2, 30m (68cm width) Wei
ght: 377 g/m2Comp
osição: 84% cotton, 9% silk, 7% BambooC
or: Yellow and white

“Babywearing is natural. Babywearing is easy. Babywearing is lifestyle. “

This is how you present this friendly family business in northern Germany! It comes to us with high quality products, made in Europe, allied to a chic casual style. Krystyna was the person I kept in touch with and revealed a unique simplicity and availability… Thank you Krystyna!

When I received this Sommerblom Ring Sling I was delighted with the vibrant and sunny yellow that calls a hot summer soon to arrive here. I waited and waited until a beautiful day came when the Sun gave us a visit. 

We decided to go for a walk and take some photographs to the Salinas of Rio Maior. It is the curiosity that these salt pans are the only inner saline, are about 30 km away from the sea and still the water that is extracted from these salt pans is seven times more salty than seawater.

Anyway, seven times more sunny was our ride with a RS of a fabric with a soft touch silky, malleable but thick which makes the initial adjustments in the most complicated rings. Have you ever had that feeling of the rings if you’re making it too small for the amount of tissue?! However, after properly adjusted it is very comfortable and although its composition has enough grip to not be needed large adjustments.

Its composition with bamboo could suggest to be more suitable for smaller babies, however this RS has the strength of silk and the robustness of cotton so it will be suitable for grown babies.

Although we have not used it on an extraordinarily hot day, its composition gives it thermoregegic characteristics, being a versatile RS in terms of season of the year as it will be cool in summer and warm in winter. Just as the salt regulates the water of our organism, bamboo is here an ally in the control of moisture, due to its high absorption capacity, and helps the ventilation to be effective.

To finish writing this little appreciation of Sommerblom and arrives at me a new RS of Kaami Slings… Await the next chapter!

Thank you Krystyna for the possibility of testing your brand that has much to reveal. 

Sanjay Saxena