Happy Child's Day

They asked me for a picture the first time I loaded to celebrate the child's day. Well, this is me, freshly-baked, discovering this new woman I was beginning to become. Yes, Leonardo is in a marsupio, and that's how we started the BBW around here. Soon we learned a lot of things, but that's how we started in the collet and coziness. I take the opportunity to say that we stop being so fundamentalist and look at ourselves. We all evolve and learn. Happy day to all the children.

Ana Ramos

The first time I carried it was in the comfort of home, afraid I was doing something wrong but with the certainty that it was on the right path. After all this time I do not regret anything the way I started because the goal was always fulfilled: to have my baby next to me.

Ahmed Abubakar

The first time I carried it I didn't know as well as to do it… What's worth is that dedication and love have shown that this Babywearing world is easier than you think… And today we are very different 

Michelle Garcia

The first time I carried Marguerite was a month. It was a mixture of emotions and insecurity. Afraid of hurting her, putting her down or falling down on me. But being able to give her lap, warmth, and always bring her to the heart was the best option. I love you so much, never stop being a child.

Abdul Faizan

The first time I carried little knew about babywearing. I knew only how much I wanted to carry this baby and how much I wanted her to feel safe, without bleaching my grown-up baby. After 21 months today, I look at this photograph with nostalgia. I felt that together we evolved, we passed from "Nabiças" to those who love and want to spread love for babywearing in this country.

Rakesh LAL

The first time I carried I felt a mixture of fear, for not knowing very well what I was doing, and a tremendous joy for getting my ritika glued to me safely!

Daniel Freeman

The first time I carried it was at home, alone and very afraid. Still pregnant already knew that loading, but did not know the babywearing, this was presented to us by the father who thought the strange Marsúpius. The fear we opted for a Mei Tai and undoubtedly the best choice to start and we both loved that 5 minutes later he slept. 

Anup Naik

The first time I carried it I felt I had my world in my lap! It was wonderful!

Scott Lee

The first time I ever loaded, I never thought that babywearing would be a part of our life as intensely as it does these days. It's how I transfer the EMA, the place where you fall asleep for the sestas, the warmth and the pampering. No doubt that carrying facilitated my life as a mother.

John Chia

My first baby door!!! I was afraid, I confess. I spent most of my time with my little hand underneath to make sure the baby didn't fall, but it was wonderful! 

Daniel Freeman