Firspiral Garnet Moorland Kaleidoscope

Firspiral sent us the Garnet Moorland Kaleidoscope, in order to get to know in our country. Sixteen m
others were selected, where each one had the cloth for one week. The trip
began during the month of June/18 and ended at the beginning of the month of October/18.


Brand: Firspir
almodel: Garnet Moorland Kaleid
oscopecomposition: 72% cotton,16% hemp and 1
2% Viscosesize: 6
(470x50cm) Weight
: 270 g/m2 color: mustard, red, pink & O


Zulmira Oliveira: This firspiral is a cloth that despite its rustic and coarse air, in the day-to-day, is fairly light, soft and fresh. The pattern is quite discreet and classic. It gives excellent support and is very easy to adjust. The delicacy of its composition is fantastic, it would only bet on some less rustic finishes. We used and abused, it was a super positive experie
nce! Ana Rodrigues: The firspiral was our first time with hemp and know what else?! Love. It is a cloth that does not attract me by the colors and has the inconvenience of being very prone to pull. But apart from that, it’s one of those I’d love. It’s fresh, with a great diagonal. It is a cloth that after well adjusted does not yield and supports very well heavy tails. Thanks for the opportunity
. Milene Pereira: I loved this rag! Undoubtedly one of the best that I t
ested Doriana Viana: You know that person you never expected would be a love, because it was not a love at first sight, but that ended up conquering you? It was this rag… We just wanted to experiment with the kind of material, but nothing attracted us… When he arrived and every day we wore it, he fell in love… We want to thank Firspiral and Funtastic Mom for the opportunity because this cloth has really surprised us for the positive since the first minute it arrived. Soft, fluffy, nothing rough as I wrongly hoped. Even the color didn’t call me and when it came, it had nothing to do with my preconceived idea. The father mostly loved the color. Entrapa very well and easily, the fabric does not yield. So much so that with him we ventued and we got our first Double Hammock, getting soon well and comfortable at first. I can say that from my favorite cloths to this day. Thank you very much for your heart. Now go to other Colhos… We’re going to miss you so much. 

Testers Evaluation