Diodes DidyTai Lisca White Rainbow

Didymos sent us the DidyTai Lisca White Rainbow, in order to get to know in our country.
Twenty mothers were selected, and each had the cloth for one week. The
trip began in the month of April/18 and ended in the month of September/18.


Brand: Didymo
smodel: Lisca White Rainbow
composition: 100% Organic cott
on Weight: 250 g/m²
recommended Age: From the Birth pa
nel Dimension: Adjustable width between 20 cm and 42 cm and height 68 cm (incl. headrest) co
lor: Rainbow & white P
rice: 145 €


Ana Rodrigues: Dydimos dispenses presentations, the fabrics are absolutely amazing, fresh and the colors are not even spoken. It’s that rainbow that makes anyone’s heart accelerate. I’m sorry it wasn’t a little bigger, but apart from that, it’s too mu
ch. Raquel Ferreirinha: I was very curious because there is a lot that wanted to try a Didymos Lisca, and really this Didytai did not disappoint, I loved it, the super soft cloth, easy to adjust and above all very comfortable. A traveler who misses me.
Mafalda Marques: I loved the colors of the Didytai, the fabric was very soft and lightweight, easy to handle. My baby was 20 months old when I tried it and despite being small, Didytai no longer left him 100% comfortable in particular back. The fit in TB width found it unpractical and seemed to miss a piece to keep the keep (instead of making knot).
Anabela Lima: We don’t love rainbow-colored baby doors. What colors are these! Wonderful colors, very well conjugated in this beautiful
Didytai. I’m sorry to be small for my 2-year-old baby. Knee-to-knee support is really the bill and if it is not well centered already one side is less well supported. And the panel is short. We’re not comfortable. I think it’ll be because we’re small already. But we love the softness of the fabric and the fact that it’s a Mei-tai that goes between a backpack and a cloth.

Cátia Canário: I had the opportunity to try the Didytai for a week with my baby of 14 months and 8kg. The Didytai was right at the point at the width level, making a great knee-to-knee support. For the baby it seemed super comfortable and for me it was also. On the shoulders the weight is well distributed and does not creat. Thank you for the opportunity.
Tania Madeira: Hello all! We received another traveler, the boy Didytai, who traveler this!! Beautiful and colorful as the smile of my little bogies.. I’m going to tell you a secret… I’m Matilde and I’m 13 years old, but I LOVE to carry my beautiful little friends, my babies and know why? I’ll tell you everything. When I carry them I feel their warmth in my body… I feel your good smell and the pure love that unites us.. So good. A part of me floats with love and joy… They and I united as a single being.. But I feel a lot more than that. I feel the warmth of my mama, the warmth of her smile, the warmth of her pampering, the warmth of her strength and claw.. The warmth of your love… This heat involves my body and it’s good, so good! I carry with love because it is with love that daily I am charged! Funtastic Mom Thanks for the opportunity to be able to give love to this didytai, it is unique.. “Of delicate size, soft look full of furor, the Didytai boy is a sin, a sin laden with love!”.
Patricia Venâncio: Last week we had this Didytai! Who knows me, and my rags, knows that you are colors are my face and the touch of this cloth is super cute! Love! It’s only pity my little 19 months already little want to be charged! But I still managed to take a walk with her on my back and another one with her in front. Super Approved! Very comfortable! I just wish the panel was a little higher. It seems to me an excellent option for those who do not adapt with rags! There are some pictures of our experience! Thank you to Inês Leite Rocha, from Funtastic Mom for the opportunity.

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