Bô! Slings-Joan

Brand Name: Bô!
Joanatsize: T4 + (4 me
ters) Weight: 29
0Grmcomposition: 100% Co
tton: Zig zagCo
r: Pink and mauve

Hello Hello! My name is Joana I have 4 meters of 100% strong and robust cotton. My mother is the mother of all Bô, woman of the North, woman of Trás-os-Montes, strong and tough woman like me. I was created and born with all the love, made of cotton certified and produced in my country of the heart, Portugal. Designed to be accessible to everyone, either in price or in diversity.

My mother raised me and my sister and my brothers to embrace all the babies, but we’re not just made of cotton, we’re made of history. History of people, History of Portugal. Each of us is a tribute to a person, to a place, to a story. We are the story that marked the life of our mother, the story that made us born. And we will be history in the life of the family where we will spread love.

I was chosen by the Santos family.

Mother Deborah had been looking for me for a long time, first fell in love with my cousin Tania but she already had another house to live in.

I arrived then wrapped in a yellow wrapper, full of pampering, colors and aromas. The curiosity was so much that in half a dozen hours I was already embracing the baby Afonso. I arrived every lady of me, strong and tough, a little beast for tame. Make yourself a fool who thinks that because you’re a pinkish, I’m cute. I, Joana, am the most desired and cherished color. Long strands of pink and mauve cotton have been gently woven into a Zig-Zag weave to make me the most beautiful, the most beautiful, the most coveted.

At home everyone fell in love with me and no one conformed to my robustness, they knew I had much more to give. They plait me and made me a beautiful cushion, used me times and times without account until I reached my potential. Now I’m not the old Joan of Yesterdays, now I’m strong but equally tender. I am a cozy hug, full of support, robustness and balance. I was not made for little babies but I was made to carry with love, to bear weight during long walks.

They took me for a walk to Beira-Rio on a sad day of rain, but I didn’t even let myself get discouraged. My colors lit up and I, who am so beautiful, was happy under the lights colors and aromas of the Tagus river.

Mohamed Salah