Bô! Slings

Hello, everyone.

Today I bring you some pictures of Tania Raquel with Tania Raquel.

Tania is that rag I’ll never be able to undo. . It’s a special rag, it’s a rag with my name on it! I r
emember it like it was yesterday when I unwrapped it… Who has ever received a Bô! Know what I’m talking about… A nice smell invades the air, it’s all a mix of love to this BBW world that feels in that wrapping in that smell in that “bit of fabric”. 

Raquel was a great Bô! To us for our photographic session we performed with our dear Alexandra-#madebymummyphoto. It was a special session with two important points in our life, breastfeeding and babywearing! I’m not a fan of RS, but this Bô! is fantastic. We record special moments involved by a special rag, created with love and dedication. T

oday I received my Bôrro.. It’s beautiful. Once again, here is proof of the dedication and love that Elisabete Muga has for this brand and for this world. That of what could have been a disaster, resulted in another success ️. 

Bô! is a Portuguese brand, produced in Portugal and filled with love ️
We will support what is ours! 

Sayeesh Seth