AndalGO-Somewhere… Over the Rainbow

Brand: Andal
GO Size:
T6Gramagem: 290
g/m2Material: 100
% Cotton: Ar
c-Made: Hungary

The AndalGO was born by the hand of the Hungarian Bettina Csikvari, an art teacher, Weaver and mother of 4 children, who began to create their own cloths, then to the family and later other mothers. The name AndalGO was born to the account of the Hungarian word “andalgó”, meaning “rambler” that is, the one who walks just for fun.

The cloths of this brand are unique, tailor made and by hand and therefore with a higher delivery time than usual.

I had never heard of this brand, but after talking to Bettina I was very curious and full of desire to try one. I was anxious that I would come to put my hand on it, it would be the first Andsomething that would experience and curiously also my first Handwoven.

When I first touched him I thought it would be a potential cloth, although it was a bit harsh and with some very dark tones, I personally prefer more colorful cloths.

This is a 100% cotton cloth, with weight of 290g/m2 and undoubtedly it is a great cloth. It is very good, it is not a cloth that requires a lot of use to be domesticated, that although thin (but not too much) provides good support, has a good grip and above all is very comfortable.

This Handwoven seems to me a good bet not only for these hot spring days and also for the summer days. But since everything can never be good, it is that this type of mesh is more conducive to small pulls. In fact, he left home with two ?

During the time we had with us, we took him to walk several times and never felt the need to correct any mooring, but the truth is that we are also #teamfwcc ?

It looks like a perfect cloth for smaller babies and mothers with sensitive shoulders.

As we love to stroll, we could not let go this AndalGO without showing you two very beautiful places of our Portugal. We take you to know the beautiful beach of fishermen in Ericeira and the beautiful green Park of the beautiful city of Coimbra. Join us in this fantastic adventure that is to know Portugal through babywearing.

Rakesh LAL