Color has no gender

Hello all!!! I chose this special day, complete 34 springs, to introduce to you my new companion of the PR, Fátima Farinha and her baby, who completed a little ring yesterday! And what such festive dates… And what do you think of the blue and pink?! I have a boy but I like to wear pink and violet cloths because Babywearing is also for mothers! And girls ‘ moms can’t wear blue in rags? Will there be a color stereotype depending on the baby’s gender?!

Much is now spoken of the colors we can associate with the child’s gender. Blue Boys and pink girls!? Do you have logic? In the 21ST century, are we still discussing this kind of thing? We are no longer such an authoritarian and sexist country but there is still a lot to change and this change of stereotypes begins with us parents. Since when does a color define sex? All colors are to be used independently of sex. If we want to stop discrimination it’s up to us parents to change, to make an example. In Babywearing is no different, today a blue cloth, tomorrow a rose, so what? What influences color change is our state of mind, the conjugation of colors and not the sex of the parents or the baby. Take our photos and prove that it is a boy or girl any color is fine, we will counter the stereotype that has created!

Babywearing is also for those who carry!!

Martha Lee