“Your most precious possession deserves the smoothest and most comfortable embrace that cloths can give you.”

It was during his stay in Paris that Christina Lazzari began to dream of building a small company alone. After three years of living in Paris, he decided to return to Munich, where he married and had a baby. One night, after caring for her, she was lying down when, in a sort of dream, the idea of making baby-carriers came up. Lovaloom was born…

Lovaloom is a Munich-based company in Germany but all of its baby carriers are produced in a mill near Florence.

Lovaloom’s philosophy is to create baby carriers that help mothers keep their babies close, making them feel beautiful while carrying their little ones. Christina believes that many of the mothers who carry their babies desire baby carriers produced with luxury yarns and stylish patterns and dreamers. The Lovaloom baby carriers are made with certified yarns, a sublime touch of luxurious fibers in whimyous designs. 

Christina’s vision for Lovaloom was to create custom designs that appear out of a modern, surrealist fairy tale and make everyone dream.

All baby carrier patterns should have this brand vision but can come from many inspiring sources. As a rule, Christina finds inspiration by looking at art, antiques markets, fashion shows and/or magazines. So each pattern has its own history.

In the choice of colors, in addition to looking at fashion collections of the favorite brands of its creator and also often ask for the opinion of the Lova-loomers.


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