Emeibaby, the

Daniela, founder and CEO of Emeibaby and mother of two daughters
and a son. Often they ask you what “Emei” means-in fact, it is not an existing word in any language. It’s a very funny sound that your daughter Johanna did when she was hungry. As she was her inspiration to the baby carrier, I called it emeibaby.

Emeibaby Designs unique chargers to carry a baby, has a perfect combination, that is, the comfort of a ring sling is combined with the practical click System of a backpack. It has a unique system of adjustments that allows respect to 100% the physiognomy and posture of a newborn, however its adjustable system gives you support to carry a toddler up to 18kg. The pleat-fold adjustment allows this hybrido to adapt as a cloth to each baby. 


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